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In my mail today I recieved a card from both canidates for District Judge. I suspect other regular primary voters got the same.

Heres what stood out for me.

 Standridge listed his qualifications for the job.

Casady draws on the endorsements from the same Good Old Boys who have been running things for years.

I got the feeling that these same good old boys have a vested interest in Casady, and a ton of money invested in her election.

Ask yourself this question, why would these elected officials endorse any canidate, especially one with so blatent a Conflict of interest?

Send a message, don't let them buy an election. Don't allow the Saline County Prosecutors wife to sit as Judge.

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dude we get it you dont like casady and pennington you have muuulllltiple posts on here right now that only deal with these people and then its only you commenting on your own posts.  You are either brent standridge, james wards brother or both.....

Casady got the good ol boy endorsements?


I didn't realize James Ward endorsed her. Afterall, it was Casady's husband who refused to prosecute James Ward... this good ol boy stuff isn't fair!

I have nothing against Ken or Stephanie Casady. I bet they are ok . Good , smart, people can make bad decisions too. This one affects all of us.

I didn't realize James Ward endorsed her.


Are you dreaming stuff up again Chris??

Casey, I'm using "the crew's" words. Yall have said Ken Casidy is a good ol boy. Yall also said Casidy came to Ward's aid. Sounds to me that Ward is a member of this good ol boy group. Why else would this good ol boy help him after breaking the law.


You got me mixed with someone else. Only thing i mentioned about Casidy is that I was impressed that he treated James fair. Not that having no insurence is right, but cops dont investigate every person that gives them a insurence card. That cop was clearly being political..... as for Casidy he did the right thing by not harassing James like the cop wanted to do.

That's why I didn't say "you" said it. I said your little gaggle has said it. Your own goofs have shown the hypocrisy multiple times here.

Were you not talking to me when you said this? "Yall have said Ken Casidy is a good ol boy"

Looks to me that you were saying that I said it ... talk about my goofs ... your in another world

I never said Ken Casady was a bad guy, I never said I think Ken Casady is crooked.I said he and Stephanie have made a bad decision running Stephanie for Judge now, while Ken holds the Prosecutors seat. Guess what, I would support Ken for Prosecutor tomorrow.If Stephanie wins, Ken should resign, what is so difficult with this concept? Its a conflict of interest. I also stand by my comments about the good old boy network.When Stephanie asked for endorsements from current and past Saline County Officials, she asked for favors, favors must be repaid. We all know this, but the favors I owe are not the same as favors a Judge owes.

"Yall" is plural for more than one, jeenyus.

Chris you wear us all out with your smart a$$ comments.  You are like a child who has to have the last "what if" or to prove a point.  I try to be a gentleman but I see your purpose on this blog is to spin, spin, spin, spin, spin, spin, spin.  If you have a real point, speak it but your coming back with little boyish remarks and things like "jeenyus" are immature.  You are a cop?

Peter, the "let's turn it around on them" excuse doesn't work when the same exact garbage is flying directly off the keyboards of those I have been replying too. Find a better one. And no, family and friends are.


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