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Genesis 1:26 ESV / 52 helpful votes

Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

In her last column that I read, she spews hatred toward the United Nations and its efforts to protect our world's environment.  She diminishes Earth Day.  As my young adult children read this column, the discussion even came around to whether or not this author was Christian.

How can anyone deny that it is our responsibility to take care of Mother Earth.  As Genesis states, it is our responsibility to care for nature as ordained by God.  Now, reading her column, one could assume that she believes that Earth is only for our human consumption.  The United Nations has saved many children's lives across the world.  It has proactively stalled and prevented many wars in our history.  The United Nations is similar to a denominational convention that aligns many smaller units to work toward a cause.  Misinformation from Fox news does not serve any purpose other than to spread propaganda to uneducated people and influence their vote in national elections.

To call the United Nations evil is ridiculous.  But, I guess some people will say anything to feel important!

She even suggests that academia is evil!   As I toured Europe several weeks ago, I was impressed that all the homes had Solar Panels in the country side.  Even the barns and garden sheds had solar panels.  The Europeans are shutting down nuclear and coal plants and moving toward hydroelectric, wind, natural gas, and solar energy sources.  Public transportation rules and smaller higher efficient cars are the norm.  In America, that day is not far away.  We have got to understand that Green energy is the new technological evolution.  And as always, American technology will rise to the top when we quit our bickering and move forward.  But, to say that anyone that supports sustainable environmental issues is evil is not even Biblical!!

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YES.  And as long as big business is making big bucks while neglecting the environment green issues will not take the forefront, but will get some lip service here and there.   We are allowing America to take a back seat on environmental issues and have allowed the Europeans to surpass on on those issues.  We should be embarassed about that.  And how do you feel about an announcement every quarter that Exxon has made record profits.  How many quarters have we heard that one. Consumers need a break.

Yes, she is off her rocker. I don't believe I have ever been as offended as by her "Don't get fooled again" column. Is the Courier using her to increase readership?

I am a very conservative republican and I have to say, I am embarrassed by her rants. I hope they stop letting her write soon. 

Yes, she is!!!


I have already expressed my opinion on the Courier Facebook page about her categorizing her ideas of what a "liberal" is...... she is wrong on almost every account as far as I am concerned... she certainly does not speak to what I, or my "liberal" friends, believe... I have no idea where she gets her opinions.   Probably some crackpot like Rush Limpball...

How many billions of dollars have been GIVEN to green energy companies that are now defunct? Can we all say Solyndra?

Green technology may or may not be the future, but right now, liberal politicians are lining the pockets of their cronnies with your tax dollars.

I don't know anything about Nancy. I don't pay attention to women pundits.

 I don't pay attention to women pundits.

Because they should be cooking.  Am I right, or am I right Junior?

I read that article, and it started off sounding like a farce, like satire.  Then somewhere midway through it dawned on me that she actually did believe what she was saying.

It's not my place to tell women what they should and shouldn't do.

Most pundits annoy me. Women pundits just chirp louder. It must be an equalization thing?

Henry said:


Because they should be cooking.  Am I right, or am I right Junior?


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