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i know people got to be having an opinion on the latest time magazine cover!!!

Dave Elswick was talking about it yesterday so I found it on yahoo.  Is that on the newsracks at walmart and kroger?


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I saw it on the Internet last night and I will probably get slammed, but I do not agree with that Mom. This is only my opinion and it's not worth anything to anyone else but me. I am all for breast feeding. I feed my 2 babies that way. Notice I said babies. 3 and 5 are not babies and should be weaned, be it from the bottle or the breast. Not that it's a reason to do anything, but can you imagine the ribbing these kids must get from their classmates and playmates? I can't imagine my 5 year old grandson still nursing. I just don't agree and I sure don't know why it was on the front of Time Magazine. Must have been a slow news week. I am sure Dr Phil will have her on as his guest in the near future and he will tell me why I don't feel right about it. Haha

Dr. Phil will have that kid on in a few years because he will have been bullied into being a mess by all of his buddys that find him on the cover of time magazine hanging off his mom at the same time they were starting tee ball!

I think it is selfish for these mothers to breastfeed so long.  It becomes more about them than it does about the child.  

And that, I think, hit the nail on the head, Mark.

Mark Twine said:

I think it is selfish for these mothers to breastfeed so long.  It becomes more about them than it does about the child.  

My thoughts were that (1) Time magazine long ago lost all sense of good taste, and (2) the mom is so wrapped up in herself and needing to be needed that she can't see how this is way more than just a little weird and narcissistic. 

all i can say, if they have teeth they can chew their own food, not the mom! SERIOUSLY weird and Time surely has more NEWSWORTHY items than this... This photo belongs more on Parenting magazine than news cover.. its a joke and we should not play into their grossness... just nasty

The world's largest three year old boy and a mom that looks like a hooker?  Anything wrong with that?  Nooooo...  of course not...  Just a little child porn to start your day with, folks.  Nothing to get grossed out about.

I wouldnt say its newsworthy other than, like i said, it will be at walmarts and krogers everywhere... and that it is just prepping this kid for life in a permenant nanny state

oh no

Totally unnecessary and so not cool. Way out of line for a site like this! Can't we keep it clean, please??

I bet they sell more of those issues than any other in the past 5 years.

I dont read time magazine so I will never see it.


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