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Anyone know of a licensed HVAC guy who needs ONE day of work?

I need someone to install a heat pump that isn't trying to get rich by marking up the equipment and making things sound more difficult than they really are. I have gotten 14 different bids from local companies and they all come back with bids as if this one job will provide them a months worth of profit.

First half of the bids, I had NO work done & it was a big job. Then I did most of the work - everything except setting the actual unit, hooking the line set to it & charging it. The second half of the bids I got (some of them even commenting on how I already had the hard part done) came back with prices JUST AS HIGH as the ones before I did any work. None of them had one bad thing to say about the work I have done, in fact they all commented on how well it was done. And yet, they still wanted to make thousands of dollars off of me. 

I am willing to pay for the equipment. I am willing to pay one guy (because that's all it would take) a fair price for 8 hrs of labor - even though it won't take that long. If I had enough money to make them rich I wouldn't have done any of the work myself.

So, anyone know somebody that won't extort me just because they have a license & I don't and they can buy the equipment & I can't? Know anyone that would be happy to have one more day of paid work in their lives? Someone not greedy like these other guys that want the one day of work but want enough money for it to take the rest of the month off? 

There has to be SOMEONE out there who is fair!

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I sent you the information in a friend request message. My husband has a license and worked in residential HVAC for a long time. He now does commercial work. We contemplated starting our own business, but decided that after he started working in commercial HVACR it was nicer to work for someone else. Feel free to call and talk to him about what you are looking for via the contact information I sent.



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