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Hey Undertaker -- If we are gonna talk about old stuff, we need to include Pennington's disgraceful exit from the Arkansas State Police -- Part 1 of 2

Pennington hasn't had what you would call an illustrious law enforcement career:  Please see attached PDF documents.

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I don't like opening random pdf's, can someone post some of the information from this on here?

Will all members please spread this desperate message..."The Case of Doug Henry and Kevin Ives" is NOT now nor has it ever been and will NEVER be CLOSED.  Not until this case is solved. Period!
Sam  Turkeyhunter Jones said:

Why Sheriff Pennington has turned down Linda Ives request to look into the Kevin Ives Don Henry case  Lets get some closure on this so we can move on. 

James Ward for Sheriff 2012. 

Mrs. Ives, since you are the poster of this blog, would you go ahead and post the final pages showing reinstatement of Bruce Pennington to Sgt., along with his other benefits with the AR State Police? Don't leave us with misinformation, half truths, and part of the story.

Thank you Mrs. Ives for you insight on this matter. A lot of people like to throw mud at James Ward but as far as I know Mr. Ward has never had anything like this in his past. The worst thing that I can think of that Ward has done, was maybe being a little overzealous when he ran for Sheriff last time.  This time I think that he had toned it back and is doing a great job. 

What has Bruce done for Saline County?????? Your guess is as good as mine.

And I find it amusing that all the PUNKS (undertaker & Tripp) don't have anything to say about their Golden boy now.... 

Mr. Tell -- the internal affairs investigation file on Pennington is 486 pages long.   As Mr. Publius has stated, Pennington should post the entire file.  For Henry I will be happy to summarize:

1.  In 1997 a complaint was filed against then ASP Sgt. Pennington alleging misconduct and an internal affairs file was opened.  A review board comprising Lt. Col. Richard Rail, Captain Jim Pinson and Captain Jim Elliott reviewed the complaint.

2.  The allegations were that he was harrassing and stalking his wife who had filed for divorce making her afraid for her life; drinking while on duty; driving his ASP vehicle while under the influence of alcohol; and excessive borrowing of money from subordinates who, because of his authority over them, were  afraid to ask for repayment of the loans.

3. Pennington was found guilty by the Review Board as well as Col. John Bailey.

4.  Col. John Bailey wrote in a letter to Pennington:

"It is clear that you were less than truthful in your original responses concerning the borrowing of monies from subordinates and others with whom the department holds a special relationship.  In addition, there is overwhelming evidence that both your professional and personal conduct have brought discredit to this agency, just as it has to yourself.  This conduct has definitely impaired both the efficiency and operations of the Arkansas State Police."

I have read with interest, incredulity and disgust some blogs by individuals, on other sites. My question is ;How can the current Sheriff be blamed for what occurred when he was not affiliated with the Sheriffs Office at that time?I believe the F B I ,State Police and the Sheriff at that time investigated and got NO WHERE. I believe if I had a problem with the investigation I would go to one of t...he three previously mentioned groups . I also am under the impression that this case is continuously being rechecked that it has not been forgotten.

Also the Sheriff retired as a Sgt .from the State Police and this was brought up in the past two elections.
I understand people are unhappy for losing the election or for other things that have occurred in their lives but bitterness will destroy. And it will destroy the goals of these people or at times it will destroy them .
I am glad the people on this site has presented facts and opinions. Not rumors or innuendos. We also put our names by what we say. So obviously a few of us are not intimidated by what we have been told , have read or by the actions of certain people.

I too have family and friends in Saline Co

unty. I hope that the man that has proven to be a man of his word, that stands square and upright before others will be re-elected. For he is honest and has done what he has promised.

 Signed Harold Marable

This is the third election this very same file has come out minus the appeal and reinstatement paperwork back to Sgt. : First, during the Sheriff's race in 2008 during the political debate at the Royal this came out and as I remember it, candidate Pennington advised he had appealed the investigation and won, being reinstated to Sgt., had his AR State Police Sgt. retirement card, then at some later time retired with full benefits, retirement, insurance, and his duty weapon. Second, during the 2010 campaign this came up and again the same outcome. Third, this now comes out again and I would like to see the rest of the file in this blog with the appeal and the reinstatement with all his due benefits. I would like to see the whole file produced with the final outcome.


Ms Ives--when you post something POST ALL of it.  The findings were in Bruces favor.  Full benefits, Full Retirement, Full Insurance, and Full retirement with his duty weapon.  Unless you have a problem with the State Police I would suggest lets move on past this dead horse. 


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