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This charity project is over.  See page 3 for the results.

I first met Brenda Bryan when she requested a photo of my K9 to do a painting. Since my initial contact with her I have stayed in touch with her just to make sure she is doing ok. She hasn't been doing all that great. She has a low, fixed income from SSI and limited resources. This summer there was a time that she had no A/C and some time after that she found herself in the hospital for 8 days. She found out that she has Lupus. Her medicine is expensive and to top it all off while she was in the hospital her (incorrectly installed) plumbing flooded her house. Her kitchen floor has buckled and died. It looks like a scene from the Bearing sea. If she cannot get the floor repaired then she will loose the house and be forced to live in an apartment (and consequently most of her possessions and her dogs).

Unfortunately quite a few people have taken advantage of Ms. Bryan recently. The worst of it was petty theft of money,items and medications but she has also been the victim of really (and I mean really) bad repairs on her home. HUD gave her a grant of $25k and it was given to a contractor who actually did about $5000 to $10000 worth of work. They also did quite a lot of damage by doing the work incorrectly. This has created dangerous living conditions such as the A/C unit that is installed next to the water heater with no vent, and windows that don't shut.

God has pressed upon me the task of bringing her house back to a livable condition. I have had contractors come to the house and look at it. After they regained their breath they decided that most of the work would be labor. The floor joists in the kitchen are good and other items should be repaired without extreme cost.

Brenda loves the police department and the FOP has responded with a donation of $500 to this project. This is the first big step to getting this accomplished but there is a bit of road ahead. We need more money and most importantly we need able bodies to help with the labor.

I have attached a photo of an oil painting that Brenda did herself. She wants to sell it to help raise funds to fix the house. I would like to get $200 for the painting. That is really a bargain considering that whoever buys it can feel great about themselves every time they see it (priceless).

On September 18th (one week from this Saturday). The men's group from my church (Midtowne on Boone Rd.) will begin work on perhaps one of the largest projects we have ever done. We’re calling this our MAFIA Extreme HIT. MAFIA stands for Men After Faith Integrity Action. Listed below are the areas we need to address.
• Kitchen floor torn out and replaced
• Tear out and replace cabinets
• Heating and Air systems… (duct work and air return unit)
• Small Plumbing (toilet, hot water heater, kitchen sink)
• Yard work (there’s a lot)
• And other small items

We are forming teams to work on all of these at the same time. This is a big project because the house is unsafe for the homeowner to live in. The homeowner can hurt herself by just going through her kitchen. There is a gas water heater sitting next to the air return unit. The unit is not sealed. Pretty much, every time the unit runs it is drawing in the fumes from the water heater and spreading it throughout the house. These are just a few examples.

To learn more about how you can help, send an email to with your name, phone number, and what work you’re willing to do.

I am asking for money and time.  Please consider giving a donation of either to help with the project and spread the word to others. This is great opportunity for us to help out someone that needs it.

We will be meeting at Midtowne at 7:30 a.m. on the 18th

In Christ,
Chris Eaton

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Thank you to everyone that came out Saturday. We had a good day of work. The back yard was transformed from a jungle to a yard by sheer determination and hard work. The kitchen floor was removed and a new sub floor is down. Cabinets are being donated and are currently under construction, to be installed early this week. The top floor will go down after that. The duct work in the attic was insulated. Many electrical and plumbing problems were solved. BBQ was eaten and we all listened to the Razorbacks win the game on the radio.

The people in these pictures are awesome examples of God's work in action.

We are working on one more day (Probably next Saturday) to finish up, this will include painting and possibly some other small projects.

Thank you all for the donations, without them this would not have been possible. I look forward to posting some pictures of the final work next week.

From Brenda.Bryan

From Brenda.Bryan

From Brenda.Bryan

Click on this picture for more photos.
Wow, Chris. What wonderful witnesses you guys are. Did you collect enough money to cover your expenses? Also, if Mrs. Bryan is having trouble paying for her meds the Christian Community Care Clinic may can help. Let me know. Thanks for putting your Christianity in action!


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