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Is this not what you call the good ol boy network?


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Looks like some fine upstanding leaders of our community to me! Keep up the good work gentlemen! My family appreciates everything you do for our County!

I dont know everyone in that picture, but the ones that I do know, I like.  

Well, let's see.


This appears to be a photo of men who have run into burning buildings to save the lives of the public, men who have ran up to face dangerous people hurting, maiming, destroying lives. Men that have saved the lives of many unknown people all over the state.


The person who is calling them a "good ol boy" group is just someone who has been whining about imaginary viewpoints created out of thin air whom nobody knows.


Hmmmmm, this is a tough one. Are the heroes in this photo the bad guys, or is Casey?




I think the guys in the photo win. They're clearly far more upstanding members of society. 



By the way, I find it hilarious that you people have also named Ken Casady a good ol boy. Well, except when he allowed James Ward to get away with the insurance thing. I guess James Ward is part of this good ol boy group. Maybe that's why he isn't in this picture.

well, at least their mouths are shut.


That is a quote from the video "Obstruction of Justice" about the murders of Kevin Ives and Don Henry.

Lane and his friend, Jay Campbell (convicted of racketeering, drugs, etc. in an unrelated case) sued the maker of the video over that statement, won at trial, and lost on appeal because the statement was true.

Here is what the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals has to say about Lane:

"All and all, statements and rumors corroborating the Lane-Campbell scenario or implicating them as suspects emanate in varying degrees of detail, from multiple sources . . ."

"The plaintiffs (Lane and Campbell) could not show that the statement was false or made with reckless disregard."


Of course here Benton you can be a murder suspect in a double homicide and still be chief of police.

Evan Prickett said:

Looks like some fine upstanding leaders of our community to me! Keep up the good work gentlemen! My family appreciates everything you do for our County!

Linda Ives has lived a history in Saline County like no one else.  View the video and you can understand not only how the family feels but why we should want closure as well for them.  I lived through it but the video puts it all together for us.  Then watch the video about the Irancontra Mena connection and you'll see that our little place in the world has had one of the most horrendous crimes and coverups that this country has known.  Mrs. Ives knowledge about law enforcement is better than anyone.  She has the courage to take a stand which in turn helps the rest of us.  We went around enjoying our lives while she and both families could not.  She is an activist and is to be admired.  So if you feel an ouch from her, it's probably well deserved.

You should listen to Linda, She has spent 25 years digging.

who's the mummy in the back? oh its bill field aka puppet master. i cant' even see the strings attached to pennington!

So John, what about them maters?  Still some with worms.  Bet Linda Ives knows all about 'em maters.

God bless gentlemen.

The good ol boy system only works when you have buddies to help you. This picture shows a group of officials in our county that is rubbing each others backs. Why can Pennington not run on his own merits instead of inlisting other in offfice to try and keep his job? Who set up the picture and called all these guys to get them together. We know what the intent of the picture is for. Just wonder what favors Mr. Pennington owes them now?


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