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In case you haven't heard........ Fox 16 reported tonight (much to Alderman Danny Steele's chagrin) that the City of Benton was very interested in hosting Mr. James Ballew's July Family Fest.


During a recent town hall meeting Alderman Danny Steele basically said that HE didn't think the City of Bryant needed or cared about Bryant Family Fest that has been held in the City of Bryant for the last 13 years.  He also didn't think the City of Benton would be interested in hosting the event.  (Not interested in the revenue brought into the city businesses which generates sales tax revenue from which the city then benefits????)  Well, apparently he was WRONG!  (Sorry Bryant citizens and business owners.)  Thanks a lot Alderman Steele.  You could have just said "I double dog dare you".


As it turns out the City of Benton IS interested and Mayor Mattingly will be formally announcing the event on Monday as an addition to the City of Benton's summer activities & events.  Thank you Benton for having the good sense to welcome Mr. Ballew and his Family Fest to Benton. 

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Ah yes…. I knew they would rear their heads… the high and mighty…. The self-righteous…. Linda and Citizen – Frankly you aren't worth my time but I do want to point out a couple of errors in your posts. Since it is obvious you think I have such wide reach and such a big following I want to be sure it is all kept straight.


I can’t figure out if you guys are really starting to believe your own lies or if you are just so accustom to lying at this point that it is just the easiest thing to do.  You seem to just make things up as you go along, pulling it out of thin air!


First of all….It wasn’t my story to leave out about what happened or didn’t happen - Linda.  Fox 16 put the story out and I posted the link with a few comments regarding Danny’s statement at the town hall meeting.  (I would quote him here but I think you know what he said.)  My post was direct and to the point admittedly with a degree of sarcasm……. Thank you Danny for helping run Family Fest out of Bryant with that last stab at James.


We all know this has gone WAY past the city council’s duties and responsibilities.  There are no questions, only demands and insulting, demeaning remarks.  I’m curious how this would have played out had Larry Mitchell been sitting in the Mayor’s chair with these exact same circumstances.  Answer:  It would have been business as usual just like the other 12 years. 


How dare you of all people accuse me of bullying activity after what your husband has done to Mayor Dabbs!  THAT is organized bullying!! 


You guys each have made a point of bringing up who my friends are or who I’m married to or where I spend my time……. As if any of that makes one hill of beans and as if you really know anything about me.  First of all, I have the freedom to say what I want, where I want, when I want and to whom I want.  Secondly, who I am married to is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.  It has nothing to do with your business and it has nothing to do with my opinions of Mayor Dabbs, your husband, Henley, Miller, Ballew, RDT, or whomever else you want to tie to my wagon.  Believe it or not I am intelligent enough to form my own opinions based on the facts of whatever the issue.  Are you trying to intimidate me by suggesting you know who my husband is?  Are you threatening my friends or my spouse?


As far as Fox16’s story…… I have never in my entire life run to, reported to or in any way given information to ANY news media organization regarding any of Bryant’s business.  You guys have done enough to soil Bryant’s image.  You don’t need my help.  I haven’t run to Max Brantley to print big headlines and false accusations.  I guess you can’t say that about your little “group” can you. 

As for what was asked & expected of Mr. Ballew this year as opposed to what has been asked and expected for the prior 13 years is probably part of the issue.  Inconsistent actions often allow for misunderstandings.

I too agree that "It is the responsibility of the city council to oversee the city's financial issues and equipment".. . however I (a taxpayer) expect the council to be consistent  in their scrutiny.  Had they been as consistently vigilant with our finances, perhaps we wouldn't have the Mayor Mitchell /City Council shady pay raises, or the pricey $120K for a City Attorney,  the Great Hurricane Lake give-away and most recently the Chris Barnes issue. 





Mrs. Steele, as usual, your reasoning is to be expected from someone so much a part of the Old Way.  Your husband has crossed some serious lines, and has caused irreparable harm to the city and to the good name of James Ballew.  Your "good riddance" version of things won't fly this time.

Mr. Ballew does not answer to you or your arrogant husband.  Mr. Steele's public remarks were a slap at both the people of Benton and Mr. Ballew when he inferred that James was a low life that Benton would not be interested in having "any more than Bryant."  How DARE him speak that way!  As if Bryant doesn't want Mr. Ballew's event because YOUR HUSBAND needs one more headline smearing the mayor?

In my opinion, your husband is a disgrace to Bryant.  You have allowed your hatred of one woman and your bitterness over one friend's re-election loss and a dismissal of another to poison your better judgment and your ability to know right from wrong.

This is the last straw.  I'm taking no more from him.  Prepare for the firestorm.  I am going to expose everything your husband has done.  I'm going to deconstruct his vendetta one brick at a time until everyone in Bryant knows who and what he is. 

He defends and even reinstates a man who participated in writing checks to a contractor who did not deliver to the city, yet he runs a generous philanthropist and promoter out of town who has brought thousands of dollars into the local economy and provided Christmas toys for hundreds of children through an event that your husband has never contributed ONE MINUTE of his time to, and over what?


You wanted a war.

Now you've got one.  Time for accountability, for you and your arrogant husband.  Soon everyone in Bryant will know WHAT THE SHADOW KNOWS......

Shadow, you are the one who spews hatred everywhere.  You've been doing this for a long time under different names.  You will be the one who will be exposed and bring down all of you who are contributing and involved.  Over the years why have you not gotten tired of all the hatred and trying to control people and government?  That is what will be coming out.

Danny didn't run Mr. Ballew out of town.  Most of the council asked Ballew for receipts and he wouldn't deliver, instead he got angry. Danny didn't call him a lowlife, but you just did.  Danny didn't "need one more headline", you and the gang are the ones who make the headlines by starting and contributing to blog posts and creating sensationalized headlines.   You have again and again taken an issue and turned it into something else.   Several people have previously said of your blog posts, "with friends like that who needs enemies".  Your continued actions are doing more harm to the mayor than good. 


You've been saying for years there is a good old boy system and that Danny is part of it.  What a lie!  He runs independently, votes independently and serves independently.  You've also said he and former mayor Mitchell are best friends, etc.  We have NEVER been guests in their home and them in ours.  Yet it is you and your group that meets regularly at restaurants and homes and schemes and plots and plans.  What candidate does the group want to endorse and protect, or who needs a "whipping". It is you and your group that continually runs to the press, puts out blog posts, and keeps things stirred up.  The public needs to just look back at how you absolutely crucify some candidates and people who won't do as you say.  Even people in your own party are getting sick of it.   


Your comment to Lawchic which says "I'm here now and I'll take over, well done, and I'm proud of you shows that you are an organized group of harassers. That takes it to a whole different level.   Thank you for providing that comment.   


Speaking of exposing and taking it to the next level, you might just want to be careful and I think you know what I mean.  Your connections are most interesting.  Regarding your threat: be sure that you can prove and back up your accusations and statements on each and every thing you say because you will be expected to prove it in a court of law.   

You arrogant woman, so full of yourself, so sure of who you think I am. 

DON'T YOU DARE THREATEN ME AGAIN.  I do not back down in the face of such threats from you, and you only serve to further dishonor your family by making such threats.

I will not tolerate you or your husband.  He is an elected official, he answers to the people, and he answers to me.  People of the Old Way like you, with such tiny minds and black hearts, love to run to the threat of courts and lawsuits, though you rarely if ever do so.  You love to refer to threats, as if they have been made toward you because then, you can claim the mantle of the victim.  IT WILL NOT WORK HERE.  Others see through you now that you've drawn first blood, and pulled a decent man into your wicked campaign to destroy a mayor.

I will be careful all right -- careful to not miss a single detail when I dissect every single rotten thing your husband has spent the TAXPAYERS DOLLARS in the entire past year doing instead of representing his ward.  This is not hate, Mrs. Steele, but the love of Bryant talking and the hatred of what is evil.

I do not threaten anyone, though you speak of it often.  It's supposed to get me on the defensive, denying it so that you can be the wronged one, the victim.  You only make me laugh when you do this, so why do you bother?

And speaking of courts of law, you insolent saber-rattler -- that door swings both ways.  The courts -- which you and your timid husband have delicately avoided in your attacks on the mayor, choosing instead the AEC for the appearance of court outcome without court costs -- are not your private weapon to punish your enemies.

I will back up everything, madam, rest assured of it.  I expect you to defend a man that you've been married to for so long, that you regard as a hero.  I am sure that there are those among you in the Old Way who consider him in like manner.  If a time ever comes for me to step from behind this mask and face you in a court -- as you have so arrogantly and thinly threatened here --  trust me when I tell you that it will be among yours and Mr. Steele's darkest moments, one that will deepen your hatred of me.

Truth wins, evil loses.  And in a court of law, or in the court of public opinion, I will let the truth drag you to wherever it wants to take you to eat you.  The truth is on my side, Mrs. Steele.  I know exactly what you mean when you told me to be careful.  I will be careful alright -- careful not to miss a single detail when I drag your husband into the sunshine.

You have obviously confused me with someone who fears you.  Your mistake. 

I think this is the only year that Mr.Ballew was asked for receipts, if he has provided receipts in the past I think you need to address that and let the citizens see those. We have at least $50,000 dollars missing that you do not have receipts for, so what is the problem with Mr.Ballew? This is only a move to try to get Mayor Dabbs out and bring your friend, the previous Mayor back so you can get back to your OLD WAYS.

Actually Ms. Suggs,

There are reciepts for that 50,000. That is why the prosecuting attorney has issued a warrant for the guy that supplied the reciepts to steal the money from the city.


No one wants Larry back in office here.... we only want good pratices to come out of that office. This administration has raised water rates, tried to raise taxes, provided a hostile work enviroment, and done many other issues that will cost taxpayers even more. Look at the lawsuit that was just filed, with the extra money this administration has spent so far is going to bankrupt when this lawsuit is lost. When will people like you understand that you can not dwell on the past... lets make Bryant a better place now.

Munky, welcome him with wide open arms.  Hopefully there will be less controversy. 

Bryant is lucky that no child or family was injured or killed by a drunk who consumed some of the alcohol at the festival and decided to drive drunk.   Benton can have that responsibility now.

The reason receipts were asked to be provided this year is because only 20k was budgets for this event. Mr. Ballew asked for 15k more this year for this event without providing more services. When receipts were asked for (3 different times), he refused to provide them.


Now the city has the issue of Mr. Ballew providing alcohol for people at the park. He claims it is for the entertainers, but the picture shows it was used for a boys and girls club bbq contest. This is not out of town entertainers as he claims, and obviously shows his disregard for the city law. This whole blog would be talking about something different if one of the people drinking at this Family Event had a car wreck and killed someone.




As for revenues lost, I heard that there was a softball tournament that had to be turned away and go to Conway. It would have generated 3 times the money for that weekend without beer.




This is Mr. Bellews choice to move because he did not want to be accountable with the taxpayer’s money given to him by the city. Instead of saying he did anything wrong by violating the laws he went into a rampage about how citizens of Bryant are so backwards that they will not allow drinking in the park. This was a insult to every citizen of the city that does not believe alcohol should be allowed. Other citizens get arrested for public intoxication every day in the city, so why should he get a free pass?  Is it because he donated to the Mayors campaign?? 

I am here now, Lawchic.

I am here.  These liars are mine now.

You have done well.  I am proud of you.

Now let's finish off their falsehoods and their reign of terror.  The truth is a mighty sword.

More truth than Mr. Steele is prepared to have told, I assure you.  His worst days are ahead of him.

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Egocentrism is a personality trait which has the characteristic of regarding oneself and one's own opinions or interests as most important or valid. It also generates the inability to fully understand or to cope with other people's opinions and the fact that reality can be different from what they are ready to accept despite any change in their personal belief.

I know, its kinda wild that what had become a fairly major event in Bryant had no beer tent for a little adult refreshment. You know adults are a part of most families. Whats wrong with selling a cold beer and providing a shady place to drink it ?


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