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Do not steal my phone and think you are going to get away with it!!!

Anyone that likes the way technology can work in your benefit has GOT to read this!!

My husband allegedly 'lost' his phone at Bernard Holland ballpark Monday night. Tuesday morning I got to work and a co-worker mentioned an app that he just read about, "Plan B". You install it to your phone AFTER IT HAS GONE MISSING. Using my husbands gmail account, I went to Google Play and sent the app to his phone. Within 30 seconds I started getting emails from its location. After about the 3rd email, I had Google street view showing me the location and GPS coordinates with the little red dot on the exact house! I called Benton PD and gave them the story of what happened, the street address, and a picture of the house. I said if you ask them if they had a son that played at Holland Ballpark last night and they say yes, then you are at the right house. 

Officer Payton called me back by 8:30AM and was shocked to inform me that he actually had my phone back! He said "I have never had someone give me as much information for a lost phone as you have!" The person that had it was 'keeping it out of the rain'. (Monday night had no rain). She changed the pic on the screen, setup two email accounts and charged it and used it to harass some guy via text. 

She also 'Googled' herself and found her mugshot on and posted that on my husbands FB page from the phone....?? Not sure what that was about.

I did delete her email accounts from his phone but not before I locked her out of them both. Don't steal a phone when the real owner works in IT!

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great ending to a nicely designed application.  this is a great promotion for Plan B. 

Hopefully not too much damage done to facebook acct or phone.  glad to hear you got it back.

The Cop said she was like a deer in the headlights. How do you have a 'smartphone' and think you can just add your email accounts and use the phone? It was stolen about 10PM and I got it back the next morning by 8:45AM. Smartphones have GPS. The beauty of this is that you can push an app to the device from your Google Play account.

Awesome work! there is also a findmyiphone app that will do the same thing in real time.. My husband called me today and asked where i was going? i said what? he said is see your location is i-30 around the 147 mile marker.. I was on my way to a meeting. scary huh? LOL

Find My iPhone is a good app and works with iphones. This 'Plan B' is the only thing that you can install after it's gone. With the Android/Google market, I love the way that you can use your computer to find the apps, movies, books and click a button and it sends it directly to your phone. Can't do that yet with Apple.


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