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If you could choose which of the three public school districts in Saline County to send your kids to, which one would it be and why? Benton, Bryant, or Bauxite?

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My kids are in Bryant.  They love it there and I am very happy with the District. 

My son went to Bryant from 6th grade through graduation after attending public school in LR for K - 5.  Bryant was a great school for him.  However, he played sports and is very smart.  There are some issues for kids who are seen as outsiders.  The school doesn't admit it has drug issues or other "bad things" going on in the shadows.  The bad stuff is very minor and rarely apparent, but it is there.  But I would never have let him go anywhere else in the county. There are great teachers there and he got a great education.  He just graduated from Rhodes College in Memphis this weekend and is going to Duke University Graduate School in medical physics in the fall.  He played football all 4 years in college and was captain of his team. I say all that because I strongly believe without some of the teachers, coaches, and social activities at Bryant, it would have been different.  Maybe not a lot different because he is a good, smart son, but different nonetheless.  Kim Cruse teaches AP Chemistry and kids who take her pass College Chemistry usually with ease; Michael Daley is/was the best English teacher there; there was an algebra teacher in 8th grade whose classes always busted the end of year exam.  Mr. Peek has now retired, but he was a great science teacher who pushed his students. JMHO

Thanks Gina and Evan. Wow, medical physics...that sounds impressive. What do you do with a masters in medial physics?

It can be several things evidently, but what he wants to do is treatment of cancer and tumors with radiation. There are formulas to use to decide the type of radiation, the strength, the length of treatment etc.  Evidently, medical physicists work with oncologists to develop treatments that are specific to a patient. Some others may do research or teacher, but those usually go on to get their PhD.  So far, that does not interest him.  Do I understand what it is? No.  Didn't even know it was a field of study until he got interested.  I am lawyer because, although I can do math, I do not have the intellect for the upper level math and science that he does. LOL

media_junkie said:

Thanks Gina and Evan. Wow, medical physics...that sounds impressive. What do you do with a masters in medial physics?

I made sure I was in the Bryant district when I bought my home, even though I didn't yet have children. When we do have kids, they will attend Salem Elementary (recently ranked 3rd in the state!!), Bethel Middle School (the first LEED certified school in the state), and Bryant High School.

IMHO Bryant Schools are the best in the state.   Apparently many others feel the same way as evidenced by the large growth in the district over the last 12 years or so.  

There may have been a few problems but most of them have been minor.   I do not know of any districts that are perfect, but this one gets pretty close.

The teachers are great and our kids love them.  Crowding is a problem at times and afternoon parking at the high school and middle school are challenging if you do not get there early or are not prepared to wait a few minutes.   There is some order to navigating the parking lots and surrounding streets.  

I think all the schools are really good, but I'm partial to Benton. Now that we have a new school board we will do great! Not so fond of the silly rules at the high school like monitoring kids in the lunch room on video to verify they punish the right student if they don't turn their tray in but other than that, it's pretty great. 

Harmony Grove.


Bryant, hands down. If winning sports teams and myriad educational opportunities are important, then Bryant.  If sports (lose or win) is your only concern, then Benton.


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