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Called Casa Mexicana last week, Tuesday, November 23rd to be exact, to place a to-go order.  I'm going over my bank account this morning and they have apparantly added a tip for themselves.  This has happened once before and I decided to give them another shot.  I do not mind giving someone a tip, at all, but I sure as heck don't appreciate someone taking it upon themselves to do it without my knowledge. I will not be going back.  Has anyone else had this problem with them?

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I have not had that happen at this resturant but HAVE had it happen at others. I have started making double sure to draw a line through the tip area ----0---- similiar to that and leaving the tip in cash only. If i put it on my debti/credit card i also make sure to clearly write the amounts such as say a 25.00 tab it would be listed as
total 25.00
tip ------5.00-----
total---30.00-----I always make sure to draw lines before and after the amount and NEVER leave the tip line blank or make it easy for them to make up their own numbers! It happened to me at Red Lobster's where the tab (not exactly) was for 56.00 then the tip I left was for 13.00 and they turned it into 33.00 and made the total from 69.00 to 89.00- easy to do with 6,'s 7's and 1's huh? almost didnt catch it but it was for a special dinner out with family. I couldn't make my checkbook balance then i found it! I don't know of any waiter/waitress that I would leave a 33.00 tip for a 56.00 meal!!! LESSON LEARNED.. I had alot of trouble trying to get that money back, finally disputed it with my bank and they pursed it from there.. have not used a credit card at that place again!! I am extra careful now, let me tell you...
Good advice about putting the lines on either side. I'll start doing that and tell my husband about it too.
WOW!! Good to know!!!
I try to pay cash everywhere!

Bassets hill said:
I try to pay cash everywhere!

Amen! Cash is king.

I think those who want to pay with a debit/credit card should have their own line to get into instead of holding up everybody else who pay with cash.

Plus, nobody can overcharge me if I am the one handing over the moola. Nobody can get my card number to abuse when I pay cash. I trust my security system...yeah...I pack...much more than a bank's.
Even if you pay cash you better count your change. They short changed me $5 one time. Was it really an accident like they said? Who knows for sure
Also if you leave cash tip for waiter/waitress best to hand it to them, don't leave it on the table. I have heard more than one former waitress say they had their tips stolen off the table
actually, debit cards are as fast as cash.. it depends on the person who is counting back change.. and with hardly anyone taking paper checks anymore that is kinda non-issue too..
I paid for cash at Burger King in Benton a while back, our bill was for 9.98 i handed the lady a 10.00 so 2 cents change right? well low and behold she handed me back 40.02?? really.. i told her she gave me too much change,, with a SNOTTY look down her nose she told me "NO, lady you gave me a 50.00" i laughed and said i don't have a 50.00 dollar bill. she told me, Look, don't try that change trick on me, you gave me a 50.00! " I again tried to tell her that she only owed me .02. and that if i had a 50..00 I would be eating somehwere besides BK..- she told me to quit holding up the drive thru! (really???) so i said " Ya Know what you are right, thanks for giving me back the right amount.. and i drove off...I did call the manger later and was told the drawer BALANCED??? no way.. i can assure you I do not ever have a 50.00 on my person....he said well we werent out of balance so guess it was your lucky day..(wow, maybe honesty does payoff) lol
Anyone have a favorite Mexican restaurant? I love La Hacienda in Benton, but then wanted some different for a change and went to Casa Mexicana and it wasn't very good at all. I wanted Tostadas but was given beans, lettuce and the rest of the stuff on something like a biscuit. Most tostadas I eat were always on a crunchy shell.
I just wanna know which BK that was.
I just know that this has happened to me twice there and if i'm eating in and having someone wait on me, i would not have a problem with it so much, but it's been take out orders. No one is bringing me drinks or checking to see if I need anything so giving themselves a tip without my permission to take an order over the phone is just not acceptible and it shouldn't matter if i'm paying by check, cash or credit or debit card, it's just wrong.
lol that's easy it was the Benton Burger Kind

Shelli Russell said:
I just wanna know which BK that was.


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