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Should Bryant citizens call for the resignations of Henley, Steel and Miller before they do any further damage to the City of Bryant's reputation.  Speak up here if you agree!

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I agree!!
I agree also.

Filing of frivolous lawsuits just because they don't like the mayor that was voted in by the people pretty much sealed it for me.  Yes, I agree.

I'm afraid that I will have to agree as well. Enough is enough.

What did these three do to make all of ya'll grab your torches and pitchforks?

You are kidding.....right?  Or have you simply been in a coma?

I have to agree also. Time for them to go.
I agree completely, when can we begin this procedure?

"In my opinion" we should all purchase My Saline shirts and wear them everywhere.   Wear them to all of the council meetings.  We can all show our support for Shelli and MySaline.   Sometimes when you want to be heard you must whisper.  Just wear the shirts and see what happens.   (My first post - will I be part of the list of Unknowns now?)

Shelli - how many shirts do you have and can we get them in bright colors so that they will stand out in a crowd?

Great idea Gab!!

In my opinion... we should have asked them to resign at the beginning of 2011... when they defiantly said to me  (a constituent - and to the majority that took the time to cast a vote for OUR chocie as Mayor)  that by their words, actions and deeds they were not going to honor the vote of the majority. The arrorogant attitudes of these 3 has pushed me to beyond fed up.  


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