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Okay, I have to share one more thing this morning before getting off my butt and going to work. I was just reading some local news and doing some web-surfing for "other-than-political-crap-news" and discovered something I wasn't aware of that is worth broadcasting. Did you guys realize that the Bryant School District is ranking among the very very top in the State and has even achieved national recognition for its achievements? In fact, according to the Department of Education a couple of the elementary schools have consistently been in the top 20 for years and one of them (go Salem) was ranked number 3 recently.

Don't know about you guys but I had no idea and I'm impressed. By the way, this is the kind of information that ought to be shared more on this site instead of the constant stream of childish schoolyard finger pointing (which I'm betting Bryant ISD has well under control) designed to advance political agendas.

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Shane, why are you posting messages with positive content on here? Everyone knows that you are supposed to comment how big of a waste education of our children is on the taxpayer, and then figure out some way to sling mud politically about local Bryant politicians. Jeez! I kid, thank you for actually posting a meaningful story that deserves being discussed on this forum.

Get outa here, Les! But yes, I knew Bryant was a good school district, but not about the rankings. I didn't know about the national rankings either. Where can I find it listed, do you know?

It is nice to read something positive.  Big smile from here and my family goes to Benton schools.


It is my opinion, we have always had outstanding schools. I try to acknowledge the teachers and the great job they do. Simple acts such as pullling thru the drive to pick up your children and giving a random sincere "You do a great job and you are appreciated" or taking your children to the book fairs and acknowledging the fine job they did in putting it together. The list goes on.  I would like to believe a large part of this success is attributed to teachers and administration working together as a team.

Benton has done quite well too.  I don't remember the accolades but I will find out.  Our Saline County schools rank quite well academically.

Shane, you must be from Texas. Arkansas does not commonly use the term "ISD" or Independent School District. I mention this kinda tongue-in-cheek so please do not take offense-none intended.  I was stationed in Texas for a while during my military days and I still travel there for work. My kids attended all of those school that you mentioned and yes we should be proud. My wife is a teacher and they work hard to keep the kids ready. Glad you posted this. Good stuff.

Thanks Shellie; that how I feel also!!!  They seem brave behind hidden identities.  Let them come out from behind their shadows;  opps no pun meant in that or was there ???

Where how the negitive comments from those who hide behind fictitious names????  Those brave ones.

I believe that Tina Turner said it and sang it, “..simply the best, better than all the rest, better than anyone, anyone I’ve ever met!”

- "Free Chad"

YES - I was aware of what a great school district we have here in Bryant. We also have one of the most awarded journalism departments. I graduated @ Bryant, as did my son and now my grandchildren are there. 

Thank you Mr. Toland!! Maybe there are some of us who can take thos site back for out community!!!

You got me. I am in fact a Texas native, although, I've called Saline County home since '94. I guess old habits die hard huh?

Anyway, the site I was looking at this morning was:


and then a few other sites like schooldigger.com to confirm. A friend of mind who used to work at Bryant was telling me about the national recognition (which is why I was searching for information about the school quality) but I never confirmed that.


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