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We've seen lots of stuff out here both for and against Mayor Jill Dabbs.  I would just like to know what the city employees think.  Honestly. 

What do you think about the petition to recall Mayor Dabbs?   

What do you think about the changes Mayor Dabbs has made since taking office?

Any thoughts you would like to share with the City Council members?


This is not an open forum to insult, rant, accuse or point fingers at anyone.  If that happens I will delete your post.  I would like to see calm, honest and dignified responses.  You don't have to post under your real name.  I will put everyone on the honor system that you are truly a Bryant city employee. (But please don't post here if you are not a city employee.) I can promise you that you will not be harrassed by anyone on here. If that happens I will delete their posts.  If you have concerns please express them. If you have a complaint please tell me in a professional manner. If you have a compliment please tell me. 


If you are concerned about keeping your identity hidden on this blog then go to hotmail or yahoo and create an account with a different name. Then come to MySaline and create a new account using that email address so you can say what you want to say without fear of intimidation or being "outed" by anyone whether it be an alderman, the Mayor or another employee. Thank you in advance for your comments.

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Uh yeah. Employees won't be talking to you. Their kneecaps could get broken....kidding about that part. Good luck!

Sorry Percy - I'm not a City employee but I can tell you this is a waste of your time.  They already live in fear every day of if they will have a job when they go to work the next day.  Do you honestly think any of them are going to post on here?  No way! That is just putting a target on their backs.  Even if they post under a fake name they won't do it.  These people have families to feed & can't take that chance.  All they want is to do their jobs, do it well, have enough resources to do their jobs (people & money) & be treated professionally instead of like "bottom feeders". 

Are there any employee unions in the City of Bryant?

No unions.

Yes Evan, there IS a union in the city of Bryant and @Coop doesn't know everything about Bryant. The Bryant Fire Department IS union; however that is the ONLY union to this date in the city limits of Bryant.

Oops - forgot about that.  The Fire Department is union which is probably why you don't see the same morale issue with them that other departments have.  It's a shame more departments aren't union.  Citizen is correct, I don't know everything about Bryant but I know enough.

Percy, I too am not a city employee, but I'm writing to commend you for what is a good idea, but will likely fail, not because of Coop's claim that fear grips the employees under a dangerous and dictatorial mayor who will throw them to the curb for daring to tell the truth......far from it.

It will likely fail because malcontents like Coop will jam it with anti-Dabbs rhetoric, or they will log on under multiple anonymous screen names and paint a horrific picture of life as a city employee that is simply not accurate.  The only way you will get an accurate snapshot will be if real employees with real names step up, tell you who they are and w hy reports of widespread employee anger and fear are not true.

May I make a suggestion?  Contact representatives of the Bryant Professional Fire Fighters Association local union (you can reach them through the Bryant Fire Department) and find out why the entire Bryant firefighters community supports Mayor Dabbs.  I am currently getting access to a letter they wrote to that effect, which I will gladly post, with your permission, in the near future.

Maybe hearing from our heroes would be a good start to your poll of Bryant employees.  After all, you want accurate outcome, not just more griping.

RDT - when I suggested that you look like Travis Tritt, that was actually a compliment not an insult so there is no reason for you to call me a "malcontent".  When I posted that employees won't comment on here for fear of retaliation, that was a fact.  If you don't believe that many of these employees are unhappy, just ask your friend Mayor Dabbs.  Since you think you know everything about everything, then you probably already know about the mandatory employee meeting Mayor Dabbs had with all city employees last week.  Why did she call this meeting?  Hmmmmm, maybe because she knows many of her employees are unhappy & feel like they are working in a hostile work environment?  I think so.  She even addressed the job security fear specifically.  Wow, I can't imagine the Mayor taking time out of her extremely busy schedule to call this meeting if working at the City is all sunshine & roses.  She did it because she knows there is a problem.  On that note, I commend her (yes I said that).  The fact that she is so busy but took time out of her schedule to talk with the employees, ask questions & address concerns gives me hope that things could turn around (if she follows through).  You see RDT, I'm not anti-Dabbs but I am pro-employees & whether you like it or not, all postings I have put on this site in regards to employees is 100% true.  You do know alot, but you don't know everything and Coop has the scoop when it comes to the City of Bryant employees.

To my knowledge there is a meeting every week - not just last week.  Hmmm I wonder why we had meetings in my previous offices?  clear the air, make suggestions, share info and ideas

Sorry Debbie, no disrespect to you, but your knowledge is incorrect.  The Mayor may very well hold department head meetings weekly, but this is the first time since she took office that she has held a mandatory employee meeting with ALL city employees.  Again, wonder why?  Because there are problems & it appears that she wants to address them which is a good thing.  It wouldn't be a bad idea to have these type meetings every week or even monthly.  Maybe she will implement that. 

Somewhat my point 'Coop' - a meeting is useful for all. Why do you think she's been having these town hall meetings?  Someone is always trying to turn something positive into a negative.  Perhaps previous administrations didn't have any meetings until things were out of control. She is trying to run our city more efficiently and a great way is with plenty of communication.  


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