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I was hoping I could get some "reviews" of the area gyms/fitness centers??

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  The best deal for the money is The Center at Bryant,they have pools(Theraputic and reguler),cardio equipment we have a family membership and its 190 every three months plus we don't have to pay extra for the trainers and weightloss stuff like you do at other places.yes there are gyms with low monthly plans but you have to pay for the extras,The Center is the best deal,And there will be gym owners come on and tell you different because they wanna get you in the door then thy can hook ya..

Well, Bishop Park has a new Cheerleading Program for children ages 6-12, very affordable!  Annual participation fee is $30 Members/$40 Non-Members, no monthly fee.  All the rules, Additional Program fees and Uniform Expenses are lined out in detail at .  We only have 25 Spots for the team.  This is an open, beginners welcome, year-round activity for competitive cheerleading.  We will be competing in the USASF Levels 1 & 2.  Our focus is for the kids to learn the skills, have clean routines, have FUN! - if they win competitions, thats great, we just want our team to do their individual best, always moving forward. Contact me at for more information.  Spring Practices begin Mondays, March 28th, 6:30 - 8:00.  We will also have other team building activities, fundraisers, parties, and a mandatory 5-day Camp in June $65 Members/$80Non-members. 


Bishop Park is a beautiful facility, affordable family plans, swimming pool, basketball gyms, fitness classes, and more activities coming up!  

what hours is The Center open?

It really depends on what you are looking for in a gym. If your looking to do weights, treadmill, etc. I wouldn't recomment Bishop park. The workout area is very, very, very small. They do have a pool and basketball courts though. But for a "community center" their prices are very high.


I wouldn't recomment Bryant Fitness zone because when you decide to cancel your membership it is a hassle. You have to contact a third party company in North Little Rock, write them a letter stating why your canceling, etc. Never seen anything like it.


Check out Pulse $10/mo. if you just want to work out, don't need a swimming pool, or basketball courts.



Just signed my granddaughter up for the Cheerleading at The Center!    She has cheered before at another facility in Benton and the prices at The Center are MUCH better!!  She is very excited..... I'm thinking about joining myself...... The place looks amazing so far and the prices are right for us "Seniors"  lol!!
I use Fitness Unlimited. I like them.


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