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Getting off 30 at exit 114 I saw a sign for "Benton Town Center" coming soon or future home or something along those lines.

A quick google search of the name comes up with some kind of halfway house type thing and this

Anyone know anything about this? Are those companies confirmed or is that just a sales pitch?

It would be nice if it's true, but I think that would be mighty tough to pull off with little press. Maybe it has gotten press and I'm just late to the party.


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According to info I got tonight at City Council meeting, there is indeed a shopping center going in at that location & the developer of the center already has letters of intent from several companies.  If all goes well, ground breaking could happen as early as sometime in 2013.  Didn't get names of stores who are on the letter of intent list.

Well let's start the rumors right here and now, shall we?
Macy's, IKEA, Hobby Lobby, Dave & Buster's, AQ Chicken, Eureka Pizza.

Shelli, is that a wish list or something you've actually heard?

For people too lazy to click the .pdf link the stores/restaurants are:

Olive Garden

Red Lobster

Bob Evans

Texas Roadhouse



Bed Bath and Beyond

Michaels Crafts

Ross dress for Less



Dick's Sporting Goods

JC Penny

Charming Charlie




Relax the Back

Jos. A Bank

Kay jewelers


Studio Movie Grill


Now, is it very realistic that this shopping center and the one that's supposed to house Bass Pro can really take off this close to each other in this economy? I sure am cautiously optimistic.


I couldn't definitely see them opening a shopping center at said location.  Even with Bass Pro going in down the interstate.  It will create a shopping mecca along I-30.  It could mean a lot of business for Benton.  However with the potential for the above mentioned restaurants it would also mean more liquor licenses (which I'm not opposed to since Saline County has done really well on the under-age checks performed) but it could also mean a potential for Saline County to vote to become a wet county.  We can't bring in big names like Red Lobster and Olive Garden if they can't serve alcohol.  And it would be really awesome to have some great shopping opportunities in Benton (along with the shops at Alcoa Exchange).  No more trips to Little Rock for a day of shopping or an evening of fine dining.

If these are confirmed, I wonder what is going into the spaces labeled as not available.  Hmm questions, does that mean Pennys will close in Benton?   I thought Red Lobster was going in at Alcoa.

That is one huge step of development for the area. If they build it, I know many will go.  

How will this impact the bald eagle nest a quarter mile or so down the road?

Red Lobster is not fine dining.

I hope this suggestion will get to the powers that be in planning the Benton Town Center.  We recently returned from Branson.  While there we went to the Branson Landing (along the lake).  It was nice, until it started raining.  There was no covered walkway that linked the stores.  Everyone quickly disappeared.  We did too.  We then went to the Tangier which had a covered walkway around it.  I know that mauls are costly due to the utilities to heat and cool the interiors.  But mauls are wonderful when the weather is poor and cold.  I am not suggesting that it be an inside maul, but I am suggesting that it have a covered walkway around linking stores. That way you can shop in the rain or snow.  Inclement weather plays against an open air center in which the customers have to run from building to building in the weather.

Did yall hear that groan of agony?  That was the sound my husband made this afternoon when I read the Saline Courier and saw that one of the planned stores is Michael's.  bwahahahahaha    

I would love to see an Ikea, but that is just wishful thinking!

Amanda, I thought that was my hubby making all those awful groaning sounds.  When I read Michael's I yelled YES.  When he asked me yes what & I told him he yelled OH NO.  Men, sheesh!

  @ "Red Lobster is not fine dining" .... Laura, it is IF your standard fare is Mickey D's! LOL .... In fact, IMO, anything is fine dining compared to Mickey D's -- I hate Mickey D's and REFUSE to eat their 'shoe-leather' burgers. When I lived in Little Rock, I used to like to hit Red Lobster during their 'Endless Shrimp" specials. I am pretty sure they lost money on my order. LOL 

Although I don't have much money available for discretionary spending, I still would like to see Hobby Lobby open a store at the planned Benton Center. Years ago, I used to enjoy building plastic models and they carry a nice selection of them. So, I hope they do open here in Benton.


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