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4 arrests made on charges of vehicle burglaries, drugs and weapon thefts

I don't know much about the particulars of police work; maybe there is a reason cars are sometimes left unlocked.

My first thought on watching this story was that these must be some really dumb crooks. Why? Look at the results. From what a lot of folks say, common theft often results in little more than a police report. But steal from a cop and the whole state is after you. Caught and going to jail. Like I said, dumb crooks.

There is another aspect to this story that raised a question in my mind. The police car was an undercover unit I assume to be unmarked. Though it was a Benton car, the theft occurred in Jacksonville. Now I'm wondering if this is one of those drug seized cars, sort of off the books and assigned to an officer to drive back and forth between his home in Jacksonville and Benton? Personal use?

Six Unlocked Police Cars? Why would a police officer leave his car unlocked if they know they have guns in the vehicle? Shaking My Head.

Defies logic.

Ditto...You know it linda!!!

When I was in my mid 20's, I left my car unlocked on purpose.  If somebody wanted to rob my car, at least I wouldn't have to deal with a broken window.  I have since changed my habits.

Glad they caught these guys to keep the guns off the street.

I so AGREE with you as far as catching these guys and getting a few more guns off the streets but then again there needs to be answers as to what a Benton Police car was doing in Jacksonville and why were the doors unlocked with the high priced equiptment and a gun in there? Would have been bad too walk upon someone robbing your car and get shot with your own gun!

Yes...has anyone called Benton PD to find out what happened? I am curious as well. Jacksonville is a long way from Benton. Dont know the answers to thee questions.

@ the 15 second mark as well as 1:16 mentioning he lives there.

Wow...he has a commute then.

Thats not even funny!!


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