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Coffee, diner, Chinese buffet, picnic, potluck, movie, mini golf, block party... I don't care. Anybody interested?

I have a few dates open:
9/15 Saturday afternoon or evening
9/16 Sunday afternoon or evening
9/18 Tuesday evening
9/20 Thursday evening

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Holy marrow, that sounds painful! Duct tape just doesn't fix everything, huh? Can we do anything for you? Get some groceries or something?
Vacuum or mop? That's the worst with a back ache. I'll help with food or labor if needed. I'll be around all weekend.

If you need help getting your scanner going or someone to show you how to post a picture I would be more than happy to come over and help you. You just say the word!
Sounds good to me. Anything but Tuesday night. Would be nice to put some faces/voices to names. I'll be the shaggy dog.
Great! Another food opportunity. Tuesday sounds doable.How about Mills Park and bring your own bucket/box of chicken, Denton's Trotline Catfish, BBQ etc. Roger over...
Hey, Roger forgot to tell Thelma about this. I have been so busy with my volunteer computer work, that I am just now hearing about this. Roger, are we still going?
I wanna go.
In case you didn't get your email from me, here's what I just sent out...

A message to all members of

We've had a few people respond so far, but I bet there are some of you others who are going to respond but just haven't yet.

So far, Thursday, September 17th is looking good.

Is everybody cool with meeting at a park - and what park? How's the pavilion space at Tyndall? I know Mills has a big pavilion that's reservable (I haven't checked whether it's available). But Mill's big pavilion is a good distance from the playground. Throw out some ideas ya'll, and we'll make it happen for Thursday.

Food: I think we should just bring our own food, since there's too much planning involved with potluck. Maybe later we'll be slick enough to get a sponsor for our food. If you have a ball or frisbee or horseshoes, bring that too!

I look forward to seeing everyone and having a memorable time. And we'll take pictures to flaunt online for all the bozos who didn't show. he he (Not talking about you, Jo! You're not a bozo.)

Go to the get-together link and let me know your opinions and suggestions!
Hearts & Smileys,
Shelli, is Sept 17th on a Thursday, my calendar says that Sept 17th is oh wait today,and Thrusday is Sept 20, or am i reading something wrong?
Say no to crack.

Thursday IS on the 20th. Thanks Repro-Boy.

Now who's in???
Thanks! Now I don't have to look that number up!
NP Shelli


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