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Has any one been over to Bryant City Hall and seen the wall (Secure Access) that has been built so the public can not go beyond a curtain point. This is better then the Berlin Wall. From what I am told that even the police officers do not have access in the building. What is so secret back there? Under the last administration you could go see City Hall employees to possible help with your issue, now….I have a easier time getting into the state capital then Bryant City Hall.

My Thoughts,


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Might have something to do with this: click here I've seen disgruntled people before public servants and it isn't pretty. You never know when someone will cross the line and try to harm or kill someone. It seems we live in a more and more violence prone society. I haven't seen walls between city council members meetings and the public, but you never know, that could come.
It is moronic for police and fire personnel not to have access to all areas. People will say there is something wrong with the PD or FD if there is and emergency inside and they re not able to respond. You know what happens when an incident occurs...everyone goes to see what is happening. If everyone has abandoned their post (and they will) how are the PD and FD supposed to get to the problem.
I do understand the common citizen not being permitted access to just roam around the building. The last time I was in there (which was admittedly quite some time ago), not all the departments had a sort of "counter" set up like in the court clerk's office. This means that sensitive and personal material could be on someone's desk in view of anyone who just walks in their door.
I could be wrong about that too, just my thoughts.


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